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Stay in the Know.

Centralize all your data in one place and get deep insights into your community so you can understand engagement and improve your campaigns.

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Business Never Sleeps, Neither Should Your Community

Give your members a digital place to connect and create long-lasting business relationships.

Do It All From One Place

An all-in-one software that helps you build, manage, engage, and understand every member of your community.

Reach People Where They Are

One app for you to manage your operations from anywhere, and one app for your attendees to stay connected.

Make It Simple For Everyone

Premium front-end experience designed for you and your community’s comfort.

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Contact Management

Manage Your Contacts All In One

Streamline your processes and get efficient with a first-class cloud platform that consolidates all of your operations and engagement with your contacts in one place.

History of all interactions

Easy import

Automatic synchronization

Labels and filters

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Automate Your Sales Workflows

Drive revenue with features designed to help you close more deals. All team members can simultaneously track and manage opportunities through each stage of the sales process.

Sales pipeline

Import existing deals

Custom fields

Deal stages

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Never miss a thing

Leverage every sales opportunity by assigning tasks to team members. Efficiently follow up on every lead with tracking tools based on individual or company contact profiles.

Custom Reminders

Add notes & files

Push Notifications

Tasks history

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Contact & Company Profile

Understand Engagement Across Activities

Grow your community by knowing everything about your contacts and organizations. Contact & Company profiles show activity history so you know which events they have attended, what emails they read, and how much money they have spent.

Contact Insights

Customizable Dashboards

Finance history

Automatic sync

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Smart Lists & Advanced Search

Personalize Your Approach

Easily search and save contacts into different lists so you can personalize your marketing activities and stay targeted. Activate your data to unify your client communications strategy and stay in touch with everyone critical to your organization’s growth.

Project Management

List segmentation

Tags and filters

Easy Import/Export

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