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World Laureates Forum: Hurdling the Industry's Toughest Challenges with Glue Up

Read about World Laureates's successful forum in China and how the all-in-one solution platform like Glue Up ensured smooth event management.

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The World Laureates Forum, which seeks to open discussion, recognize, and award individuals for their progress towards society, held their 2nd annual laureate's forum in Shanghai (China) using Glue Up as its event management software. This year's topic focused on Science and Technology for the Betterment of Mankind, and played host to a number of Nobel Prize recipients speaking about their experiences and ideas for the future. 

This marks a special milestone in Glue Up's strive for delivering professional event hosting and management. As a technology partner for an event with such high-level speakers and attendees, it was not just important for us to provide complete transparency with local authorities, but above all, to ensure absolutely seamless event experience from the first event invitation through online registrations to check-ins to the esteemed Nobel laureates who have provided so much to humanity.

A High Degree of Professionalism

At the WLA Forum, guest speakers and attendees consisted of high-ranking officials from the government, Nobel prize recipients, and other high-profile representatives from institutions of high caliber. The degree of human scientific advancement and achievements speaking together under one roof is no small matter, and it was Glue Up's privilege to be their event technology partner. In being their partner, Glue Up had the responsibility to present the event and the speakers & VIPs with a level of professionalism that these remarkable individuals deserve. And with this in mind, Glue Up's platform was ready to take on this challenge.

The Glue Up's all-in-one platform helped organizers of World Laureates Forum by automating many tasks like event website creation, event invitations, badge printing, and check-ins which had required manual workflows, saving an average of three hours per employee, per week in a month leading to the event. As a result, the team had more time to engage and provide a personalized experience to the attendees as well as to focus on other aspects of the event's operations.

Now, when it was time for WLF's team to create event invitations, specific attendee information transferred directly from Glue Up CRM and the appropriate recipients were automatically added. Information about the event was also automatically added to email campaigns from the integrated WLF's event page. Using Glue Up has eliminated the lengthy time it took to draft email campaigns and minimized the chance for potential human error.

With Glue Up, our clients only need a few clicks to send out a professional, branded email campaign. Additionally, utilizing centralized templates integrated with event pages means that every team member is sending out the most current event marketing content.

Total Transparency

When it comes to the MICE industry, creating events where there's a large number of high profile or government related topics, are one of the biggest challenges an organizer can face. Requirements are oftentimes demanding, with constant security updates, testing, and investigation even if just one guest represents a high-level position or government that incurs a certain level of security scrutiny. When it comes to Glue Up as the World Laureates Forum (WLA Forum's) technology partner, it was important for us to provide complete and total transparency with local and organizer officials. The event itself was hosted by the Shanghai local government in conjunction with the World Laureates Association and held high-government interaction, including the mayor of Shanghai, Ying Yong, and Party Secretary of Shanghai, Li Qiang.

The joint-managed forum sought to add on a digital partner that was willing and able to comply with local authorities on certain hot issues like transparency, data collection privacy, and other technical security facets like software penetration testing proof and web-security standards. After a long process of testing and validation, Glue Up was found to be the ideal partner in terms of security and transparency for all attending and speaking guests at the forum.

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