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The Marketing Society of Kenya Improves Member Experience with Glue Up

Learn how the Marketing Society of Kenya (MSK) has evolved using some strategies and Glue Up solutions to enhance efficiency and improve member experience.

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About Marketing Society of Kenya

Marketing Society of Kenya (MSK) is the national umbrella body for all marketers in Kenya. Their key mandate is to empower and regulate the marketing industry by creating policy that governs the marketing industry (self-regulated), education and training of professionals, corporates and entrepreneurs, marketing and business mentorship, and arbitration through the Advertising Standards Board.

The Society’s main objectives are: to develop, acknowledge and practice marketing, to provide services to members, and to offer a platform for self-regulation for practicing marketers.

Sharing the journey towards improving their member experience with Glue Up was Geofrey Lidonga, Business Development Manager at Marketing Society of Kenya. Here’s what he had to say:

Life Before Glue Up

Managing members with manual processes is a hectic task. As the members grew, so did the need to have an automated system that could handle all our problems. Using Excel sheets to manage our members was unbearable, so we decided to get membership management software. Luckily, when we were looking for membership management software, we got an email campaign from Glue Up, and that is how our automation journey began.

Seamless CRM Ecosystem 

One of our goals was to improve member acquisition and retention through better management. With Glue Up, we have created a unified system that meets our administrative needs and our members’. With Glue Up’s CRM ecosystem, we found a more effortless and safe way to save and update contacts that improves our database quality.

Glue Up’s CRM Solution provides us with up-to-date member information such as event registrations and social media interactions. Moreover, it has allowed us to have personalized interactions with our members based on prior engagements.

Smooth Membership Application and Renewal Process

Glue Up’s holistic ecosystem of tools houses our data and provides member management services. We can now offer our clients digital member services hence enhancing the member journey. With the system, we can keep track of all our members’ payments as well.

Unlike most associations, we have a more complex membership renewal process as our members must renew their membership on the day and month they joined MSK. This was quite a challenge while using excel. Automating the renewal process took off a heavy load from us. The automated notifications have also assisted us in ensuring we retain as many members as possible by sending alerts for renewals.

Analytics derived from the system has assisted us in driving decisions. We can now say we know our members better and hence can serve them better.

Better Member Engagement with the ‘Glue Up’s Campaign Feature’

With Glue Up, we have tremendously improved our member communication, which has assisted in giving our members a better experience. With the campaign feature, we can send personalized emails to our members, which has resulted in better open rates and conversions. Moreover, it has made the sending of campaigns easier as it allows us to preview our drafts to ensure that they look up to standard. We also have more significant event engagement as we can send out effective event invite campaigns.

Virtual Gala and Awards

Our most significant event of the year was the MSK Gala. It's the most attended Gala in MSK history. It took place in 2020, and because of the COVID-19 regulations, we decided to hold it virtually. The virtual event was a great success, to say the least, as it was also aired on national television with an average audience of 2 million. Our members had an easy and convenient time registering. The event went on very smoothly, and we got great feedback from the members about the user experience.

Why Glue Up?

The Marketing Society of Kenya Improves Member Experience with Glue Up

“Our member management has become easier. The administrative processes behind any member-based firm can be very time-consuming due to repetitive tasks and using multiple programs. Through Glue Up’s cloud-based platform, our staff can access our member data anytime, anywhere. Additionally, we can easily track our members, which was not the case initially. We are looking forward to exploring the community feature to serve our members better! I would recommend Glue Up to all associations looking for the best software to help improve their membership management.”

Geofrey Lidonga, Business Development Manager at Marketing Society of Kenya

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