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The Italian Chamber of Commerce South Africa Improves Every Aspect of Member Experience with Glue Up

A case study on how The Italian Chamber of Commerce South Africa creates a robust member experience critical to its sustained growth with Glue Up's all-in-one Membership Management Software.

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About Italian Chamber of Commerce South Africa

Italian Chamber of Commerce South Africa (ItalChamSA) is a strong and agile non-profit organization representing the local Italian-South African business community and supporting commercial activities between Italy and South Africa. 

As a bridge between Italian and South African businesses, it provides vital knowledge, a wide range of contacts, and tailor-made assistance to companies exploring bilateral trade prospects between the two countries. In addition, the chamber offers a diverse array of services and essential advice on the South African and Italian markets.

Life Before Glue Up

“When I started working at the chamber, I immediately realized the need for a CRM system that would also allow us to track the chamber’s membership growth and renewals, promote events, and keep members and stakeholders informed via an intelligent bulk mailing system. Having a single, innovative database that segments contacts would go a long way in communicating effectively,” says Pamina Bohrer, Secretary General of ItalChamSA. She also added that the chamber needed a system that could solve its event planning and management problems. Glue Up’ all-in-one membership solution was the perfect platform that solved the pain points.

Best CRM Ecosystem to Increase Member Engagement

One of our goals was to improve member retention through better member engagement. With Glue Up’s CRM ecosystem, we found a more effortless and safer way to save and update contacts and delete the ones that are no longer relevant. In return, we’re able to improve our database quality. Glue Up’s CRM Solution provides us with up-to-date member information such as event registrations and social media interactions. Moreover, it has allowed us to have personalized interactions with our members based on prior engagements.

Membership Application and Renewal Workflows

We had great plans to increase our member acquisition and retention rates. For us to do so, we had to improve employee productivity and efficiency. In a chamber like ours, we rely a lot on interns and volunteers who do not stay with us for long periods; hence the need for a simple but efficient system that would not confuse the staff.

Our goal was to acquire a platform that would simplify and streamline our day-to-day operations. We needed to get more time to focus on attracting new members and creating a good member experience. Our member renewal rate has shot up to 93%, and the membership dashboard has helped tremendously in board reporting.

Glue Up has given us better control over memberships and fee collections. It allows us to offer our members an extra push via automated push notifications that remind them that their membership is up for renewal. In addition, being able to collect our membership fees online has helped improve the member experience. 

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Great Communication Through the Use of ‘Campaign Feature’

With Glue Up, we have tremendously improved on our member communication, which has assisted in giving our members a better experience. With the campaign feature, we can send personalized emails to our members, which has resulted in better open rates and conversions. Moreover, it has made the sending of campaigns easier as it allows us to preview our drafts to ensure that they look up to standard. We also have more significant event registrations as we can send out effective event invite campaigns.

The Easiest All-in-One Solution for Event Management

Thanks to Glue Up’s integrated event ticketing system. We were in awe of how easy it was to create an event. This is one of our favorite features. Our event planning has gotten clear and straightforward. The process is simple, and the event templates are exceptional.

We had been having trouble with ticketing. But today, we can take ticket bookings and handle payments directly, which saves us on fees and reduces the hassle of using multiple tools to get the job done. We are happy with how the solution allows for online ticket payments & offline and online events, especially during these uncertain times. Our most popular event, the annual gala dinner, is now easier to manage when it comes to monitoring attendees, tracking payments, and check-ins with Glue Up.

Why Glue Up?

The Italian Chamber of Commerce South Africa Improves Every Aspect of Member Experience with Glue Up

“Life has become easier for our team. Our clients can easily navigate membership options and events. I am not a fan of using too many tools and trying to integrate them across. It also confuses the team when you have too many platforms. Glue Up solves multiple problems that are very typical to chambers and associations. It is rare to find all these functionalities in one single tool."

Pamina Bohrer, Secretary General, Italian Chamber of Commerce South Africa

Is your organization looking for some inspiration on how to give members a first-class experience in membership and community management? Book a demo now of our all-in-one Membership Management Software. Read our case study on The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Poland and discover how Glue Up is helping digitalize chambers of commerce, associations, and other organizations worldwide and automate their processes.

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We are very pleased with the simplicity of the system. We rarely spend time training staff as most users simply “get it". It’s simple and fast out-of-the-box solution. We now have 4 client accounts running on Glue Up software.

Marcel Ewals, Director, Community Development, MCI Group
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