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The British Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic Reconnects with Their Members Through Glue Up

A case study that discusses why Glue Up has been beneficial and useful to The British Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic when connecting to members and other businesses.

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The British Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating and developing business relationships between the UK and the Slovak Republic. The chamber works diligently to forge new opportunities, both new foreign and domestic, by delivering events, building connections, and offering marketing solutions to its members.

The chamber provides an ideal network for business people to facilitate dialogue and create corporate business ventures throughout Slovakia. It comprises almost 100 corporations, mid-sized companies, individual members, and entrepreneurs representing a variety of business sectors within Eastern and Central Europe.

Hajni Hayler joined the chamber last year as Executive Director when the COVID-19 pandemic turned the world upside down. The chamber proved to be an important part of creating a close-knit hub for businesses to network and provide support in these unprecedented times.

Read Hajni’s brief account of how their chamber of commerce kept its members with Glue Up’s Chamber Management Software.

Discovering Glue Up Through the BritCham Community

We began using Glue Up two years ago after the British Chambers of Commerce Global Business Network recommended it to us. We chose Glue Up because other British chambers of commerce around the world are using its Chamber of Commerce Management Software and are reporting its great benefits.

Other than the recommendation from the global business network, we found Glue Up to be user-friendly. It made tracking members’ data, reaching out to contacts, creating events and successful campaigns much easier.

Some Second Thoughts About Using the All-in-One Engagement Software

Being an NGO, we were closely reviewing our expenses and carefully considering our budget. I enjoyed dealing with the Glue Up team during our onboarding. It was easy to arrange calls and get answers to queries. We are delighted with our positive relationship with them and our experience with the all-in-one platform for chambers.

Digital Solutions for the ‘New Normal’

During the pandemic, Glue Up proved to be a reliable platform for reaching out to members and other businesses. We use it almost every day to create as many campaigns as possible and run events. Networking is crucial for our members as it keeps them connected to the chamber and wider network as we ensure that we foster and nurture business relationships.

In this regard, Glue Up helped us to continue running virtual events that empower our members to network amongst themselves and create new meaningful connections. Moreover, we relaunched our monthly newsletter and discovered how easy and quick it is to create eye-catching designs for both our campaigns and events.

Our Greatest Achievements On the Platform

Creating digital events and relaunching our monthly newsletter was really successful. We have been effectively keeping track of contacts and getting more people to subscribe to our newsletter.

Our Race to Zero event was the most remarkable event for our chamber this year. It was a high-profile online event graced by the presence of the President of the Slovak Republic. Thanks to Glue Up, we successfully launched the Race to Zero campaign in conjunction with the British Embassy and could get the word out quickly when the chamber first joined the initiative.

Unlocking the Value of Glue Up’s Features 

Glue Up’s CRM module has brought our organization the most value as we use it every day to manage our database. We are also very excited to try the Speed Networking Tool. We believe it would be beneficial to our chamber and other business networks. We have received great feedback from our members and contacts about how the platform is easy to use.

Additionally, the most significant benefit of Glue Up is that its ready-made templates are mobile-friendly. This is another excellent feature that has been beneficial to us because we send out lots of email campaigns in various styles within a short period of time.

A Message for  Chambers of Commerce

The British Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic Reconnects with Their Members Through Glue Up

“I would definitely recommend Glue Up to other chambers. The platform is user-friendly, mobile-friendly, and it's quite simple to build strong campaigns with ready-made templates. Furthermore, Glue Up’s support is fantastic!”

Hajni Hayler, Executive Director, The British Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic

What’s Next For the British Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic?

We are currently planning a flagship event around smart buildings, green buildings, and green energy in the second half of June. In addition, we are the first chamber in Slovakia to join the Race to Zero initiative and are working to promote sustainable development to businesses.

We are looking forward to using Glue Up’s Speed Networking tool. Networking is crucial to us, and I believe online, and hybrid events are here to stay. As a result, we’re planning to host our annual general meeting online as well in June.

The British Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic joined other British chambers in using Glue Up’s all-in-one Chamber Management Software to effectively manage member data, create top-tier events, and launch campaigns. Most importantly, it helps the chamber stay connected to members through networking. Get a demo of this state-of-the-art solution and discover why chambers of commerce worldwide use this all-in-one solution.

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