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The Importance of Professional Networking for Business Success

Ayesa LubagMarketing Content Specialist

Ayesa Lubag,

Marketing Content Specialist

Jan 04, 2021

The best way to open yourself to business opportunities is through professional networking. It helps you meet prospective clients, get ahead in a competitive job market, and gain better access to career resources.

Keep in mind that to build connections successfully, you need to have the right knowledge and skills.

This article will show you the benefits of professional networking and the tips to help you network better.

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The Benefits of Professional Networking

Professional networking offers plenty of benefits, especially if you want to build your career or grow your company.

According to professional networking statistics, you can boost your chances of landing a new job through networking. In fact, at least 85% of positions have been filled through networking.

Furthermore, professional networking can expose you to job openings that you can’t find in the newspapers or online.

When discussing career with people in your business network, let them know that you are job searching.

Make sure to mention your expertise and experiences, and be vocal about how open you are to new opportunities.

Next, small business owners can generate leads through professional networking.

Fortunately, some people can be willing to offer some help, especially if you’re looking for new business contacts.

But aside from that, they may even go out of their way to provide you personal and professional expertise.

Keep in mind, however, to submit business proposals modestly. Follow up on leads with courtesy and value other people’s time in a professional manner.

Lastly, professional networking can help you stay ahead in the business through technology and allow you to keep up with industry trends.

Building professional relationships can give you access to inside information vital to business operations in the modern world.

These shared industry tips can help you to stay ahead of your competitors by suggesting new ways of doing things.

6 Tips for Building a Strong Professional Network

1. Contact people you have already met

Reach out to friends, family, colleagues, and former bosses when seeking new connections. They may offer you new job opportunities or introduce you to the people who matter most in the industry.

Think of the different tools that can help you stay connected like coffee meetups, email, phone calls, handwritten letters, and social gatherings, which can effectively nurture relationships.

2. Craft a good elevator speech

elevator speech

An elevator speech is a summary of your skills, experiences, and accomplishments that you can deliver in 60 seconds.

Start by knowing what your goals are when selling yourself to others. For instance, it can be a way of telling about your organization to your clients.

On the other hand, you can use it to pitch your products to executives. It can also be a way to simply explain what you do for a living.

When making one, include your university, degree, and other relevant facts about your career in the introduction. Mention your areas of interest and the type of career that interests you as well.

3. Keep searching

Whether you are bonding with friends or mingling at a neighborhood party, make full use of the opportunity to talk to people about topics that interest you and learn to see things from a different perspective.

Don't miss these opportunities to connect with others in a casual and informal environment. Plus, you can directly tell them that you are seeking to find a job or business opportunities.

4. Establish a professional network online

professional network online

Professional networking sites can be a useful tool for staying in touch with your business network and for creating new connections.

Keep in mind that making an online connection is only the beginning. There are still many ways you should do to maintain and grow it.

Meetup is a platform that lets you search for local meetups. All you have to do is to choose your interest upon registration.

It will then notify you of any local meetups that might interest you, as they are created. A variety of topics can include career, hobbies, travel, and many more.

However, if nothing appears interesting enough to you, you can opt to set one on your own as it suits your schedule. It will notify if there’s anyone that’s interested in the same topic as you do.

5. Host a virtual networking event

Be open to hosting or engaging in virtual events for professionals as they give you greater audience reach.

It’s a convenient way for participants to attend professional networking events from the comfort of their homes.

Since virtual events are easy to attend, the attendance rate can go up to over ten times higher than a physical event ever could.

One of the most prominent reasons for joining virtual events is networking. According to research, 87% of marketers said that there have been opportunities generated through virtual events.

Successful networking requires time, effort, and creativity. And if you’re wondering how to build professional connections online through events, you can check some virtual networking event ideas and ways to do them.

6. Join a virtual speed networking event for professionals

Speed networking is one of the most convenient and easiest ways to expand your business contacts and accelerate your business growth.

It gives you the unique opportunity to connect with a large number of business owners and other professionals in a short timeframe.

You can host or participate in a speed networking event to introduce yourself to others, share what you are looking for, whether new clients, business leads, or a new work opportunity.

Here at Glue Up, we offer a full-suite networking platform for business, which is the Speed Networking solution.

As a virtual event platform, it helps you organize a speed networking event wherein participants will be paired in private rooms to discuss different topics of their choice.

It’s perfect for anyone looking to virtually connect to others, build new connections with other event attendees, and participate in a meaningful one-on-one chat.

Excellent features that come with it are a community hub, an event room, a direct messaging capability, and a meeting request functionality.

It’s a reliable tool you can use when building an instant connection paired with good professional networking skills.


Now that you learned why professional networking is important, remember that you should start setting clear goals when making new connections.

Moreover, it will require significant time and effort to build and maintain a strong professional network as you advance your career.

With all the information we have provided, we hope you’re more than ready to open yourself to networking opportunities.


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