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Member Appreciation Ideas: Different Ways to Thank Your Members

Ayesa LubagMarketing Content Specialist

Ayesa Lubag,

Marketing Content Specialist

May 06, 2021

Member appreciation can help build and strengthen a chamber of commerce or an association’s reputation and credibility. When members are happy and valued, they will be encouraged to stay and spread the word about your organization.

If you are looking for ideas to thank your members, you’ve come to the right place. This article will show you the most effective ways to show appreciation that can boost membership renewals in the future.

Quick Reads

1. Highlight Members’ Achievements

memberachievement You present the best of your members when you highlight their achievements.

Whether they spoke during a conference or joined a community service, recognizing their contributions can inspire them to participate more and engage in the organization.

Write about members in the association newsletter or post on social media for these significant events to become public. Tell the story of its impact on other members and organizational success.

During the association’s annual meeting, you can also host a special event to acknowledge and honor member accomplishments.

2. Set Up a Member of the Month Program


A Member of the Month program in an organization can be an essential tool to motivate members, increase member satisfaction, and promote a culture of excellence.

It is an important initiative you can perform for members to show appreciation. It helps them recognize the organization's values more and realize their part in contributing to its success.

The program for members can offer a flexible online learning and certification, a mentoring program, or free passes to a virtual event to the most engaged one.

Make sure to publish the program's results every month to recognize and celebrate winner success with other association members.

3. Communicate Member Value

Member value is composed of the benefits members receive from the association—may it be the opportunity to participate in activities or access to services. It may also cover CPD, networking, or recognition.

One way to show appreciation is to make sure you clearly communicate the membership benefits being offered. This initiative can make members understand and appreciate the value the organization provides for their own good.

When you have new members, disclose the association’s benefits and perks right away. Offer exclusive content for members like association publications, discussion forums, and email newsletters.

You improve membership value when you also provide networking opportunities and well-thought-out webinars to members.

4. Say ‘Thank You’ With a Card, A Letter, or an Email

Saying thank you to members is professional etiquette that can make them feel noticed, valued, and appreciated.

There are different types of letters you can send depending on the tone that you intend to communicate.

It’s vital to keep the tone formal when sending a written letter. We also advise that you consider producing a handwritten letter as it’s more memorable and places great value on the importance of your relationship with them.

On the other hand, a thank you note is more personal. With a short and sweet note, you can tell members the things the organization is grateful for while expressing appreciation and gratitude.

If you want a fast way to send your message, an email is always the best method. Create a short, clear, and concise subject line like “Thank You” when sending one.

Make sure to send a thank you message through a phone call right away once an event has ended. You can signal a sincere intention to others if you do it fast. But if ever you’ve sent the message late, it’s still understandable than never making an effort to thank at all.

5. Make Room for Member Involvement

Asking members what they need from the association or gathering member feedback as attendees solve challenges is a surefire way to boost their engagement.

These conversations can take place one-on-one or at a group conference call. Involving members can make them realize their purpose in your organization and are more likely to stay. You can also ask members to organize lead workshops in their areas of expertise.

Another effective way is to set up a virtual networking event that encourages and increases interactions among members despite the distance. It is a space where they can meet each other in a short amount of time.

Glue Up's Speed Networking solution allows professional associations, chambers of commerce, and other membership organizations to host speed networking events virtually.

Members can quickly share digital business cards, participate in one-on-one chats, and schedule meetings after the meeting online.

Plus, other state-of-the-art features create a virtual networking experience that recreates the meaningful aspects of meeting face-to-face for members to connect easily.

Develop Positive Relationships With Members

As more association leaders realize that member experience is essential to success, it’s necessary that they continuously place a high value on appreciating their members all the time.

Expressing gratitude to members can improve retention rates, provide better relationships, and help organizations receive positive feedback.

With the membership appreciation ideas we’ve just provided, we hope you can now make members feel that you truly care about them as you grow the organization.

If you seek ways to automate your organization’s membership management process and maximize retention, book a demo of Glue Up’s Membership Management Software. Our team will show you how our all-in-one solution can help you reach members and connect with them effectively wherever they are.

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