The American Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia Streamlines Membership Management and Grows Its Members With Glue Up

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Read more about how Glue Up is streamlining The American Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia membership processes through automation and digitalization.

The American Chamber of  Commerce in Cambodia was founded in 1996 as an independent non-profit membership organization of both the American and Cambodian companies that share a connection to American Commerce. The organization plays a vital role in supporting its members’ growth and fostering the success of legitimate business activities in Cambodia. AmCham Cambodia contributes to economic development in the Kingdom through cooperation, facilitation, and acceleration of business investment, trade, and commerce.

AmCham Cambodia is a unique chamber made up of a business community that provides its members with a platform for discussion and advocacy to help them identify and discuss common issues regarding Cambodia’s commercial interests. Additionally, the chamber coordinates interaction among its members and other business people. It engages them on business in the US as well as Americans interested in doing business in Cambodia. AmCham Cambodia is the fastest growing chamber in the region as it has increased its membership by 29% in 2021.

Ms. ChanMonyneat Teik, the communications and events manager of AmCham Cambodia, gives an account of how the organization has benefited from using Glue Up for the past three years.

Discovering Glue Up Through Recommendations from Other British and American Chambers

We discovered Glue Up through recommendations from other chambers using Glue Up, like the American and British Chamber of Commerce in Singapore. We did our research about Glue Up’s functionalities, its customers’ user experience and also did a market assessment. Our research findings and the recommendations from other chambers convinced us that Glue Up is the right platform for our operations in Cambodia.

Simplifying  Administrative Tasks with Glue Up

As a chamber of commerce, we manage an extensive database of information on our members and partners that increases every year. Our membership administrator used multiple excel sheets to store this information. Using these Excel sheets and managing other administrative tasks were difficult and unprofessional. This prompted us to find a better way to manage all our administrative work. When we adopted Glue Up, we simply imported all the information stored on the excel sheets we used initially into the platform. Glue Up has simplified our administrative tasks, such as updating our memberships and adding or deleting members. Glue Up’s finance module that allows us to create and send invoices directly to our members has also made things easier for our administrative staff.

Glue Up Keeps AmCham Cambodia and Other Chambers Worldwide Connected

Though there are many other membership management solutions, we see Glue Up as the best platform for chambers of commerce. Many chambers in Cambodia and Singapore, Hong Kong, and other countries are also using Glue Up, which has made it easier to stay connected with one another.

Streamlining Our Processes Through Automation and Digitization

In the past, manual processes such as creating invoices for each of our members and sending them via email one by one were time-consuming. Integrating Glue Up saved us time and made tasks such as invoicing, sending event invitations, and updating membership applications easier. Our members’ information is already securely stored on the platform. Glue Up also helped improve our event processes by auto-generating invoices for event attendees. Additionally, automating membership renewals has also enabled us to notify our members to renew their memberships and make payments on time.

A Successful Transition to Online and Hybrid Events with Glue Up

A Successful Transition to Online and Hybrid Events with Glue Up- Cambodia

Reflecting back to when the COVID-19 pandemic first broke out in Cambodia, our chamber was adversely affected by public gathering restrictions from the government as we were accustomed to running many in-person webinars and forums. We were forced to shift all our in-person events online, and Glue Up’s easy-to-use event management module made the transition faster and easier. Glue Up also enabled us to integrate our meeting platforms, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. This synchronization feature allowed our members to receive direct links to online meetings and events directly, thus saving us a lot of time and improving our members’ online event experience.

We also run hybrid webinars where we invite our guest speakers to the event venue and live stream the discussion between the speakers and those attending virtually on our Facebook and YouTube page. Glue Up’s event management platform saves time and encourages our members to register for events as they are not required to refill their contact information when registering for different events if we already have the information on Glue Up. Additionally, we can easily track our members’ event attendance. Thanks to Glue Up's events campaigns module, sending event invitations and reminders is also more efficient.

Experiencing Value For Money with Glue Up’s Features

Our greatest achievement with Glue Up is optimizing how we store and manage our member data using Glue Up’s CRM and membership directory. Adding and updating information is simpler and saves us time when sending emails and invitations to our members, especially because our members continue to grow. It has also helped us facilitate better communication with other stakeholders such as the government, the embassy, and other partners. Glue Up’s campaigns module provides data such as email opens and deliverability, which helps us with our market research. Moreover, digitalizing membership applications and renewals save us time and notify the organization of these activities on time.

Glue Up’s CRM, Zoom integration feature, automated invoicing, and campaigns module have brought the most value to our organization.

Ms. ChanMonyneat Teik, Communications and Events Manager of The American Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia

AmCham Cambodia Recommends Glue Up to Other Chambers of Commerce

“I personally recommend Glue Up to other Chambers of Commerce that are looking for a platform that can help store and manage a lot of data. The features are easy-to-use, and Glue Up provides great customer support, especially when importing data and learning how to use the platform. The price was also very affordable to us.”

Ms. ChanMonyneat Teik, Communications and Events Manager of The American Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia

An All-In-One Membership Management Platform Designed For Chambers of Commerce

An All-In-One Membership Management Platform Designed For Chambers of CommerceAmCham Cambodia plans to maintain the relationship and cooperation between US businesses and Cambodia, increase business investment, trade, and commerce from the US, and keep the connection between the US and Cambodia. We also hope to continue running more amazing hybrid events for our members.

Chambers of commerce globally use Glue Up to streamline administrative tasks, simplify member data management, and communicate effectively with their members and other stakeholders. Get a demo of Glue Up’s all-in-one chamber management software to discover why AmCham Cambodia and other chambers recommend Glue Up.