How Asociación ALE is Making a Change in Mexico with Glue Up's all-in-one Association CRM

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This case study is about Asociación ALE's Glue Up integration to make its charity effort a success.

Asociación ALE IAP was founded in November 2004 in memory of Alejandro Alverde, who at the age of three, tragically passed away due to complications from surgery. This event, as tragic as it was, miraculously saved the lives of six people and sparked a nation-wide movement for the awareness of organ donation.

Asociación ALE’S mission is to help those who are less fortunate attain a good quality of life and access to health care. They strive to be agents of change and a strong figure in public policy by obtaining the best alternatives of material and human infrastructure.

ALE's Problems and Glue Up's Solutions

The road to growth was not simple, however. As Asociación ALE puts it: “Mexico is a country that still does not exhibit the practice of philanthropic donations. This is due to the fact that the fiscal law of the country does not stimulate this type of behavior; on the contrary, they limit it. These limitations cause financial weakness, which is the most debilitating factor in the growth and expansion of organizations of civil society.

Big companies form their own foundations with very specific objectives, however, resources destined to these independent initiatives are quite limited”. Nevertheless, despite these limitations, Asociación ALE has continued to thrive and be a source of hope for thousands of people in Mexico.

ALE recently implemented the Glue Up all-in-one event management software and they are already very happy with what it has to offer. By aiding them in the facilitation of their charity event management, ALE expects that it will be able to potentialize their work and reduce the labor associated with the processes and logistics of their events.

Lic. Carlos Castro Sánchez, President Asociación ALE

“We are very happy with the implementation of the software. In a very fast and simple way, we are able to coordinate an event, from sending mass invitations to the access of subscription of every single one of the invitees, we can monitor who received an invitation and who has opened it.” 

Lic. Carlos Castro Sánchez, President Asociación ALE

Glue Up is very humbled to have the opportunity to work with organizations that are making a constant change in the world. Now, more than ever, we need to understand the value of events purposed to improve the lives of people around the world. We want to congratulate Asociacion ALE for going live with us and organizing their first event.

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