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Winners of APAC 2017 International Chambers of Commerce Awards

Eric SchmidtCEO & Co-Founder

Eric Schmidt,

CEO & Co-Founder

Jun 09, 2017

With great pleasure and pride, we have announced the winners of 2017 APAC International Chamber of Commerce Awards earlier this week on www.apacchamber.com.

We have carefully gone through all the truly impressive entries that we have received for Awards. We were looking for the chambers with the best chamber's activities, high member acquisition, member engagement strategies, and last but not least - the impact of chambers on their communities in Asia-Pacific region.

Awards were designed to honor individuals and chambers that have made the most significant contributions to the improvement of their communities in the past year. As the number of applications far exceeded our expectations, we have decided to give out two awards for the first APAC Chamber Awards for the following categories: Large Chamber of the Year, Medium Chamber of the Year, Small Chamber of the Year and Executive of the Year.

Winners of APAC 2017 International Chambers of Commerce Awards:

Large Chamber of the Year

Amcham China logo

American Chamber of Commerce China

AmCham China's contributions to the business environment for foreign companies in China facilitates the success not only of AmCham China but also of other chambers of commerce in China who are able to serve their members better thanks to the extensive work of AmCham China. Chamber has also successfully changed its member engagement strategy after extensive update of the member information and research of their preferences. Moreover, past year was a significant milestone for the chamber as it was the first year that chapters brought in more money than their operating costs.

AmCham China receiving APAC 2017 Chamber Awards for Large Chamber of the Year Category

European Chamber of Commerce Vietnam

European Chamber of Commerce Vietnam logo

After a lot of planning in 2015, EuroCham Vietnam has been able to execute this plan in the last year. Chamber has established sixteen Sector Committees and a five-person advocacy team in two locations that is in constant communication with the key stakeholders in the Vietnamese Government. Moreover, EuroCham Vietnam has grown its membership base by 9%, while satisfaction level of the existing members has remained strong. Chamber is implementing two European projects, that will help European businesses to enter the Vietnamese market.

Medium Chamber of the Year

British Chamber of Commerce Malaysia logo

British Chamber of Commerce Malaysia

BritCham Malaysia has had a very successful year. They have hosted many great events (i.e. “Brexit and Malaysia: A New Opportunity” that has attracted more than five hundred attendees), upgraded their technology to serve their members better and become more eco-friendly. Furthermore, the chamber has created The British Business Centre in Malaysia (BBCiM) to assist UK companies in incubating their businesses in Malaysia. To better serve members, BritCham Malaysia has introduced 24-hour respond policy, so members always get their answers within this time frame.

BMCC Malaysia receiving APAC Chamber Awards - Aurelia Silva & Stewart Phillips

Mexican Chamber of Commerce China

Mexican Chamber of Commerce China logo

MexCham China is the largest Latin chamber of commerce in China that also supports companies and government affairs from other South-American countries that don't have a chamber of commerce in China. Chamber was able to increase the number of members by 30% in the last year, delivered more events than ever and reach more people inside and outside the chamber thanks to their engagement strategy.

Mexcham China picks up the Award at Glue Up office, Winners of APAC 2017 International Chambers of Commerce Awards

Small Chamber of the Year

CCI France Myanmar logo

French Myanmar Chamber of Commerce and Industry

French Myanmar Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI France Myanmar) has been probably the most impressive application we have received. Chamber has seen the number of members growing every year for the past 3 years, +23,5% last year), despite the fact that the number of French companies operating in the country as remained almost the same. CCI France Myanmar, with 7 employees, is 100% self-financed and doesn't rely on financial aids from the French institutions. Despite the challenging market and limited budget, the chamber has managed to launch a small business center and offer accredited professional training programs that are first of its kind in Myanmar. Moreover, the chamber has been able to upgrade its technology thanks to which they are now more efficient and members are engaged more.

Australia-Myanmar Chamber of Commerce

Australia Myanmar Chamber of Commerce logo

Australia-Myanmar Chamber of Commerce (A-MCC) has just two employees, yet they have been able to attract an interesting mix of members and increase number of members by 50%. A-MCC has also delivered quality events and policy discussions (i.e. the inaugural Women in Business & Leadership Development Gala Dinner and Conference that was attended by over 620 people). Similarly, as CCI France Myanmar, Australia-Myanmar Chamber of Commerce is playing an important role in Myanmar's ongoing reform and development with its educational programs that are giving Myanmar people practical skills and knowledge.

Executive of the Year

Maggie Huang - Senior Director of Operations & GM of Chapters at American Chamber of Commerce China

After extensive engagement with chapter staff and member leadership, Maggie successfully guided the financial results of AmCham China’s Chapters from an annual loss to a profit. Her term of service is one of the longest at AmCham China and she exemplifies what an executive at a chamber should be: ambitious, farsighted with the execution, and always dedicated to the members.

Pham Ngoc Hoai Nam - Communications Assistant Manager at European Chamber of Commerce Vietnam

Pham Ngoc Hoai Nam has successfully strengthened EuroCham Vietnam's exposure capabilities, increased satisfaction levels to a high tier and consolidated her 6 years at the chamber. Moreover, she has supervised trainee program that has resulted in new employees at EuroCham Vietnam.

Best Member Engagement Program of the Year

Finnish Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong logo

Finnish Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong

Chamber has practically reached out to every Finn living in Hong Kong, increased its membership base by 20% and seen a higher attendance of their events, particularly the young professionals as well as on various networking events with other Nordic Chambers. The key to the chamber's member engagement program is listening to the suggestions and opinions of the members, by constant dialogue but also by collecting questionnaires. After listening to the members and hearing their problems, FinnCham Hong Kong then looks for the solutions and organizes workshops and other events to help the members (more than 100 events in 2016). Chamber is also working on a Starter Kit, that will help Finnish businesses with their market entry in Hong Kong.

FinnCham Hong Kong with Glue Up's CEO - Winner of Best Member Engagement Program of the Year

Bigger and better APAC 2018 Chamber Awards

We want to thank you all who participated and supported the first-ever APAC 2017 Chamber Awards and helped make it a success! We are already working hard on the next year's awards. The tentative date for APAC 2018 Chamber Awards is February 2018 and it will take place in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. It will be a two-day event with an award ceremony and multiple sessions and different tracks for chambers and their employees across Asia Pacific.

Stay tuned for more!

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