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Winners of APAC 2017 Industry Association Awards Announced

Eric SchmidtCEO & Co-Founder

Eric Schmidt,

CEO & Co-Founder

Jul 05, 2017

After carefully going through all the impressive entries we've received, we have announced the winners of 2017 APAC Industry Association Awards. We were looking for the associations with the best industry activities, high member acquisition, member engagement strategies, and most importantly - the impact of the associations on their communities in the Asia-Pacific region.

As the number of applications far exceeded our expectations, we have decided to give out two awards for the first APAC Association Awards for the following categories: Medium Association of the Year, Small Association of the Year, and Executive of the Year.

APAC 2017 Industry Associations Awards is an excellent opportunity for associations in the Asia Pacific region to be recognized for excellence, innovation, and as a leader among regional association peers. These awards were designed to honor individuals and associations for making significant contributions to the improvement of their communities and to promote the positive impact these associations are creating.

Winners of the APAC 2017 Industry Association Awards: 

Large Association of the Year

Masyarakat Telematika Indonesia

asia pacific association awards

Ever since 1993, Masyarakat Telematika Indonesia has been a prominent figure in the telecommunication industry in Indonesia. They serve as a form of communication among telecommunication business enthusiasts as well as a form of advocacy between telecommunication entrepreneurs, enthusiasts in the telecommunications field, and the government. Their accomplishments include the MASTEL Institute, MASTEL Academy, and MASTEL Digital Initiative. More recently, they introduced a mobile app feature that detects and blocks fake news from spreading.

Medium Association of the Year

Malaysian Association of ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs (MAAYE)

Association Awards

Malaysian Association of ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs (MAAYE) is an aspiring, industrious committee that promotes Malaysia as the regional hub for young entrepreneurs across ASEAN. Because they are the only association in Malaysia officially mandated by ASEAN and the Ministry of International Trade and Industry Malaysia, they play a crucial role in inspiring young entrepreneurs. Having been just launched in 2016, ASEAN has grown impressively in a short period of time and made a large impact on youth through large-scale events such as the ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Carnival.

All India Association of Industries (AIAI)

Apac association awards

AIAI assists SMEs to accelerate its business network globally by identifying reliable business partners through its network in over 50 countries. AIAI actively networks with the government, business/corporate sectors, and academia to promote inclusive growth in India. They hold an annual flagship event called the Global Economic Summit themed on different topics every year, and has organized a series on Make India to promote government initiatives. In recent years, AIAI has achieved greater heights and has been regularly hosting high profile business.

Small Association of the Year 

Transparency International Malaysia (TI-M) 

2017 association awards

Transparency International Malaysia (TI-M) has been involved in many projects that aim to eradicate corruption while maintaining integrity. These projects include the Speak Up Against Corruption Campaign, the Business Integrity Program, and the Election Integrity Pledge. Within the last year, TI-M has built numerous new collaborations with private organizations and facilitated discussions on improving anti-corruption systems within their organizations. Additionally, Under the Youth Integrity Program has reached a wide range of students and received positive feedback.

Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society of Malaysia (OGSM) 

ogsm logo

OGSM organizes an Annual Congress to update its members on the current developments in the field of obstetrics and gynecology. Additionally, the society organizes workshops, seminars, and lectures as part of its continuing professional development activities and CRS for the public. OGSM has made full use of their limited resources by using cost-effective materials and collaborating with other government hospitals and private health care professionals to provide effective clinical skills training programs for young doctors. Additionally, OGSM has implemented a paper-saving online system for member application through WhatsApp.

Association Executive of the Year 

association executive

Deborah Melissa Bottreau: President of Malaysian Association of ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs 

As the president of the Malaysian Association of ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs, Bottreau has launched the first ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Carnival of 2016, which actively encourages young people to capitalize on the regional market offerings, provides them with links with the government and the networks they want.

association executive awards

Evelyn Balmeo Salire: Secretary General of Philippines Retailers Association 

Evelyn Balmeo Salire has shown exceptional transformational leadership in making PRA into an excellent organization that is true to its mandate of delivering to its members and stakeholders a culture of professionalism in association management and making a significant contribution making members more globally competitive.


We want to thank all those who participated and supported our first annual APAC 2017 Industry Associations Awards. These associations have made a far-reaching impact on the Asian Pacific community, and we hope to continue to recognize their efforts in the coming years.

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