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10 Membership Survey Questions that Increase Overall Satisfaction

Lauren McCannContent Specialist

Lauren McCann,

Content Specialist

Jul 04, 2019

Membership satisfaction is one of the many factors that contribute to either the success or failure of an organization. To increase overall satisfaction and personalization of the relationship between you and your member, send out membership satisfaction questions regularly in order to give people an outlet for their opinions.

Stuck on what questions you should be asking? We got you covered, here are 10 membership survey questions that will be sure to increase your organization's overall satisfaction.

First, it is important to get to know your members. Even if your survey is anonymous, your organization will be able to get engaged how involved this individual is with your organization

1. How long have you been with our organization?

With all different types of membership lengths, you may not give the same survey to new members that you give long-term members. Over the years your organization has grown and developed to best fit your membership base, this question is a great way to distinguish the feedback they give from the very beginning.

2. How did you hear about us?

Asking members how they heard about your organization is a great question to ask for not only membership satisfaction but, marketing analytics to know what marketing techniques your members responded the best towards.

3. How many events do you normally attend per quarter?

Another way to get to know who is taking your survey would be to ask how many events they normally attend per quarter/year. This is an easy way to engage their engagement with your organization.

Ask members to list their least and most favorite events and why to see what you can improve when organizing your next event!

It is also important to know current information from your members.

4. What type of activities would you like to see more/less of?

This question is perfect to see what events your members best resonated with and what activities your organization should do more/less of.

5. Have you ever served on a board/committee with our organization?

Knowing whether or not the respondent has ever been executive involved with your organization is a good indication of how they will respond to your survey questions. It also helps to have an insider opinion on your organization and how it is going from a point of view who is actively involved with your organization.

6. How responsive have we been to your questions/concerns about our products?

This question requires your organization to make sure they are providing the highest quality of customer support, and that your members are being taken care of.

7. How likely are you to recommend our organization to a friend?

How likely are you to recommend the organization to a friend is a great indicator of how much value this individual believes your organization is providing to them and potentially other friends. If they say they would be willing to recommend one of their friends, add an additional comment section for that individual's contact information so your organization can get in touch with them!

8. How likely are you to renew your membership this upcoming year?

Gage potential retention rates for those already involved with your organization, like many of the other questions this question can easily indicate whether or not your organization is providing value to the consumer.

9. Do you currently follow us on our social media platforms?

This is a great question to quickly increase your engagement in regards to your social media profiles if they don’t follow your social media, place links to all your social media pages in the survey so they can stay updated with all of your awesome events!

10. What is the most efficient way to contact you?

A great way to end your survey would be to receive their contact information and have them say what the best way to contact them would be! Maybe consider it as your first question so you don't miss out on that valuable contact info.

When it comes down to it, if your organization is not using the information that is being commented on these surveys to better your organization, it is a waste of time for both you and the individuals willing to participate in the survey. Make sure you listen to the people already involved with your organization and change the aspects that need to be changed!

You can also leverage surveys to grow your membership!

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