5 Hacks that Engage Attendees at Your Next Event

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5 Hacks that Engage Attendees at Your Next Event

Every event organizer hopes to maintain their returnees or make first-time attendees want to come back. Planning a successful event requires a lot of resources. We have prepared these 5 hacks that will help you impress attendees of your next event. Check it out.

1. Live Q&A and Polling

Audience interaction platforms to the rescue! A great way to get your introverted attendees to be interactive and engage during an event. You can crowd-source questions for Q&A sessions as well as ask attendees for their opinions and receive instant feedback. Sli.do provides a free basic platform for informal events.

2. Leverage Tech

Immerse attendees into their custom-built world with VR technology, where they can experience different situations and possibly control and interact with their environment. Use NFC badges or wristbands to enhance payments saving time. Event organizers can track the time spent in different locations which can help to identify potential sponsors.

3. Surprise with Free Stuff

Give out freebies! Everyone loves them. Gifts could be in the form of candies, promotional products or membership subscriptions depending on your budget. Make it more interesting by giving them out in pieces throughout the event. Get some sponsors, invest in your events and throw some gifts to keep attendees on their toes. Or even better, make a really engaging swag bag that gets attendees to take action.

Hack to impress attendees

4. Create great user experience with a mobile app

Let your attendees have fun at the event! Use apps through which attendees can follow a schedule, link social media profiles to interact with each other and find people with the same or similar interests. With the “Glue Up” mobile app, attendees can share events to their social media pages and engage with other event attendees. Encourage them to visit exhibition booths through gamification where attendees can go on QR code hunts (of course for a reward!).

5. Smooth check-ins to save time

How easy is your registration process? No one enjoys the hassle of joining a long queue or having to go through a complicated registration process. Your attendees might as well not bother doing it at all if they feel it’s not worth it. Luckily event mobile apps, such as Glue Up App allows you to check-in attendees easily via individual QR codes.


QR Code Event Registration

Over to you

We hope these hacks will help you make your current attendees more engaged and loyal. Hopefully, a positive word of mouth can help you attract new attendees. Technology is a key element in giving your attendees a memorable experience and the satisfaction they need. Find what works for you and use it! Let us know how your next event goes and share your tips with us in the comments!

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