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Glue Up vs iMIS: Choosing the Best Membership Management Software

Ayesa LubagMarketing Content Specialist

Ayesa Lubag,

Marketing Content Specialist

Mar 25, 2022

A membership management software allows you to create a unified system that can support the administrative requirements of your organization and satisfy your members by keeping them engaged.

Do you want to save time performing manual and repetitive tasks? Its automation capabilities make it possible to take some work off your plate by helping you throughout the process.

However, it can be overwhelming and confusing to pick the best platform for your organization with plenty of options in the market. So to help you decide, we will compare two membership management software: Glue Up vs iMIS.

Get to know their essential features, pros, and cons. By the end of it, you will get a deeper understanding of both software and select which one might suit you the best.

Glue Up vs Billhighway

Glue Up vs IMIS capterra

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Glue Up iMis GetApp

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Customer Satisfaction Rating on G2

Customer Satisfaction Rating

Glue Up

Glue Up Membership Management Software

Glue Up is an all-in-one software that lets you generate accurate reports for data-driven decisions with its built-in memberships, events, email marketing, community, CRM, and finance features.

You may need to process membership applications, store contact information, and monitor dues and invoices. In that case, Glue Up’s Membership Management software makes all important information readily accessible in a secure platform.

Learn the privilege assigned for each with different membership types. After submission of required data, information is automatically synchronized across the platform. This makes the platform ideal for improving membership retention.

For instance, the automation features drive revenue with membership renewal. It certainly reduces complex and time-consuming tasks, like searching for members and manually sending out renewal forms.

With automated emails and push notifications with recurring payments, members are reminded about their membership renewals in real time.

What’s more, a flexible drag-and-drop website builder with customizable templates can help you create a professional website for your organization to improve its online presence.

Are you planning to execute events for your organization anytime soon? Glue Up’s Event Management software lets you create unique event pages to provide members with agenda, event details, speakers, sessions, and more, which you can optimize along with organization branding.

There’s even an option to post different event ticket types to prospects that can help drive registrations and sell your events.

Furthermore, you can easily create marketing campaigns that members can engage with. With a drag-and-drop editor, creating newsletters, branded event invitations, and targeted messages will be ready for sending in just a few minutes.

Pros and Cons of Glue Up

Here are the advantages of using Glue Up:

  1. Ease of setup. Set up a member database with ease and store data in one place.
  2. Easy to use. An intuitive interface enables members to navigate without guessing or getting lost easily.
  3. Automatic payment reminders. Send renewal reminders through automated emails and push notifications.
  4. Finance solution. Monitor both online and offline financial transactions as well as manage invoices and payment receipts.
  5. Events. Easily plan and execute online or offline events of any size.
  6. Email marketing. Personalize communications in your organization with branded email campaigns, newsletters, and event invitations.
  7. Excellent website builder. An intuitive drag-and-drop website comes with a set of unique templates making your organization stand out.
  8. Analytics. Add contact information, check engagement history, and monitor membership status and renewals in one place and analyze data and fulfill expectations to achieve organizational effectiveness.
  9. Multilingual software. Not limited to English, but also supports Spanish, Korean, Russian, Chinese, French, and Portuguese.
  10. Customer support. Easily speak to a customer representative 24/7–may it be through email, phone, or live chat.
  11. My Glue. An all-in-one mobile app available on both iOS and Android devices.

Glue Up's only disadvantage is there’s no free version that allows you to explore its platform and use its basic membership management features.


IMIS software

iMIS is a membership management software that enables organizations to manage and engage members. Whether you have a small or a large organization, it can offer database management and web publishing into a single system for efficient operations and improved performance.

The platform enables membership application and renewals, event registration, and training certification. Moreover, members can manage their own profiles, check payment history, and participate in their communities online.

When managing contacts, addresses, and demographic information for individuals, organizations, or groups, it also provides what you need. With searchable directories based on different criteria and with varying levels of permission-based security, it makes it easier for members to connect.

Furthermore, it has an easy-to-update event site that helps your team plan conferences and events without hiring a web developer. Event organizers can make updates right away, and members can get accurate information in real time.

Pros and Cons of iMIS

Here are the advantages of using iMIS:

  1. Memberships. Use the platform to guide you through managing chapters and committees, processing membership fees, and analyzing membership
  2. Community. Manage your contacts, chapters, committees, marketing campaigns, and more,
  3. Fundraising. Set up your organization’s fundraising campaigns, add gift items to your site, and manage your donations.
  4. Events. Create events online, add survey questions for events, and view your event calendar.
  5. Commerce. Find and add products, manage promotions, and process automatic payments.
  6. Marketing. Manage list definition and perform campaign tracking.
  7. Certification. Use an integrated tool when managing your organization’s certification programs.

iMIS comes with a few disadvantages too:

  1. iMIS isn't the easiest system to configure, we have a consultant to deal with the implementation and setup. (Capterra User Review)
  2. The learning curve is a little steep with new users. (Capterra User Review)
  3. Lack of flexibility in creating fields for different metrics. (GetApp User Review)
  4. Lack of support, low number of partners, and limited selection. (GetApp User Review)
  5. Events in IMIS are not suited for a full meeting, and most partners recommend 3rd party solutions with additional cost. (G2 User Review)
  6. The object/panel/page relationship is a bit clunky unless you have a true UI designer on staff. (G2 User Review)
  7. There is a definite learning curve for new staff, especially those with little or no previous database experience. (G2 User Review)

Best Software, Value for Money

Learn which of the two membership software can give you the best value for money by comparing their pricing plans below.

The Cost of Managing Memberships With Glue Up

Managing memberships using Glue Up is value-based and customizable because every organization has unique requirements. Price starts at $125/month, making it affordable but enough, especially if you’re an organization that’s only starting out.

In addition, you can choose from scalable options billed yearly depending on your organization’s requirements. There are options to add more storage, member profiles, and even host virtual events or speed networking sessions.

The onboarding process with Glue Up is simple and personalized–ensuring a positive experience for any member-based organization.

If you’re a small or medium-sized association with around 1,000 members, it will only require $1500-$2500/year to sign up and pay for the all-in-one Membership Management Software with two free mobile apps.

The Cost of Managing Memberships With iMIS

iMIS is priced at $200 per user/per month or as an annual subscription. This includes hosting, online help guides, and technical support. The total annual price will vary depending on the number of users and features of your choice.

Best iMIS alternative to Manage Memberships = Glue Up

Do you want to manage your members and improve their experiences easily? Evaluating all the advantages and disadvantages of membership management software is essential before making the final decision. Set your priorities first before making the final choice.

If you are willing to pay more for other customization options, iMIS can be a good choice. However, if you're looking for an all-in-one software with excellent features and value for the price, you should choose Glue Up.

Learn more about Glue Up's Membership Management software to build, manage, engage, and understand every member of your community.

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We are very pleased with the simplicity of the system. We rarely spend time training staff as most users simply “get it". It’s simple and fast out-of-the-box solution. We now have 4 client accounts running on Glue Up software.

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