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Rafael FloresSenior Marketing Associate

Rafael Flores,

Senior Marketing Associate

Aug 19, 2021

Glue Up, a leading SaaS company specializing in community-led growth for member-based organizations, corporations, non-profits, marketers, and event professionals has released its newest module—Chapter Management

Today, in this fast-paced disconnected world, time and effective communication are everything. That’s why Glue Up added its new two-click management tool to its robust engagement ecosystem - Chapter Management. This cutting-edge feature is a digital framework that allows multi-tiered organizations like associations, chambers of commerce, NGOs and corporations to check the health of all of their chapters and affiliates with just two clicks. Chapter Management is designed to easily transfer information across organizational lines, streamline management processes and provide a bird’s-eye view of all operations.

Chapter Management is architected as a hierarchical structure within the Glue Up platform and is arranged to suit any access and visibility structure across multi-tiered organizations. All branches of an organization will be able to seamlessly transfer data from chapters and affiliates to regional and national headquarters. The visibility and management capabilities across ever-changing organizations are where this technology is a cut above, especially in terms of ease of use and configuration.

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Glue Up states “Our aim when designing chapter management was to give our customers a fast and efficient way of running their organization regardless of its size and complexity. With our two-click model, not only have we made intricate management processes seamless, but we’ve essentially given leaders of multi-tiered organizations an overview of their entire operation in one place.”

The development of Chapter Management is the next step in Glue Up’s journey to connect communities through its engagement management technology. This two-click management feature makes it easy for multi-tiered organizations to streamline their processes, disseminate information in an efficient way, and create a deeper sense of community like never before.

About Glue Up

Glue Up is a leading global engagement management solution that services associations, event organizers, Chambers of Commerce, agencies, marketers, businesses, and NGOs with a user-friendly ecosystem of interconnected modules designed to streamline operations, modernize processes, and grow professional communities. Glue Up’s innovative all-in-one solutions combine the best event management, membership management, email marketing, CRM, Finance, Project Management, Networking, and mobile apps into one. Glue Up is currently present in 50+ countries around the world and is rapidly expanding.

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We are very pleased with the simplicity of the system. We rarely spend time training staff as most users simply “get it". It’s simple and fast out-of-the-box solution. We now have 4 client accounts running on Glue Up software.

Marcel Ewals, Director, Community Development, MCI Group
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