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EventBank is now Glue Up.
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Donations, Fundraising, & NGOs

14 Strategies to Write Amazing Thank You Letters to Donors

Why Send Thank you Letters? Thank you letters are an important part of the donation process, not only for your organization, but also for your donors....

18 Strategies to Increase Donations to Your Organzation

Increasing donations to your organization is an obvious strategy that any cause needs to get off the ground. Donations are sometimes an integral part...

14 Donation Software that Get Causes Off the Ground

Fundraising efforts can be stressful especially if your company has limited resources because it is often a highly time-consuming task. However, there...

133 Fundraising Ideas for Non-Profits, Associations, & Volunteer Groups

Searching for inspiration for your next fundraising ideas? With 133 ideas ranging from the quick and easy, to the weird but wonderful; we got you cove...

How Glue Up Thinks about CSR and Supports Non-Profit Organizations

Would you work for a company you knew was not socially responsible? Or how would you feel if your employees were working under unfair labor practices...

The Definitive Guide to Nonprofit Digital Marketing

About half of nonprofits are strapped for cash. So, you need digital marketing initiatives to bring in more donations. Trying them out can be a huge f...

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