How AWA Ran 11 Events in 8 Days with Glue Up

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How AWA Ran 11 Events in 8 Days with Glue Up

This success story is a result of feedback received from the American Women's Association of Hong Kong where a solution was needed to help manage, promote, and process ticket transactions for 11 separate events in an 8-day schedule. The responses are a result of the success with Glue Up tackling multiple events in a short span of time, automated payment processing, and easy contact list management and email campaigns.

11 Events. 8 days.

The American Women's Association of Hong Kong (AWA) planned to host 11 events over the course of 8 days. The entire campaign would consist of panel discussions, talks, and workshops focused on empowering women who are looking to go back to work, change careers or start a business in Hong Kong.


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The issues faced with running these back to back events was the necessity to promote, ticket, and process payments for each individual event under the umbrella of the AWA WISE campaign, so all the various workshops, talks, and panels had to be listed individually as well as part of a series so users could sign up for one or more events simultaneously.
The key for AWA was to be able to process all payments - which, up until AWA WISE AWA was processing for their internal events, person by person, manually. The capacity for these events was 800+ tickets, which would have put immense pressure on the non-profit to be able to efficiently manage.

In search of a solution, AWA attended an event by Glue Up and the American Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong, about Driving Sales and Building Communities where they learned about the Glue Up Event Management Platform.

What AWA President Andrea Roth found compelling was "the idea that through Glue Up's integrated system, our team of volunteers - sometimes in different parts of the world and time zones, could effectively plan, manage, and deliver a large scale series of events at a professional level, which is one of our priorities."


The Results

The platform indeed combines all events under one roof by allowing AWA to host all of the program info, splitting separate and ticketable events apart, so that users may register for one, some, or all of the included events and activities during AWA WISE. The platform also allows for AWA to process registration payments automatically, and without the need to manually process any tickets.

Initially, many early participants bought one ticket but after the first event they attended signed up for more in the series with their sign in details already registered, they reported it was easy for them to add more events to their schedules.


Among these initial pain points being solved, AWA reportedly enjoyed the email campaign module of the Glue Up platform as it had easily allowed for massive campaigns to all attendees and contacts, and most importantly, it allowed for targeted email campaigns to attendees by utilizing merge tags that personalize each email sent to contacts.


"Great customer service. Our Glue Up team was on hand every step during the initial stages as we built the program on the platform - and whenever there were issues was there to walk through solutions with us immediately. When onboarding new technology or using platforms, especially when unfamiliar, the human element is so key to user ease. Our team found this an incredibly useful tool." - Andrea Roth, President, American Women's Association of Hong Kong

Customer success teams are core to Glue Up being able to deliver events at every level to any organization. AWA found the EB team to be accessible any time they were called upon: through set-up, problem-solving, and guidance throughout.

Throughout the run-up to the program, AWA had promoted, ticketed, and checked in hundreds of attendees, and in doing so was able to leverage the Glue Up CRM to it's fullest capacity. By tracking every registration, email click, check-in, and more, AWA's contact list on the platform had been updated. Now, if the organizers so choose, event-specific emails could be sent directly to attendees who attended particular events and more.

Glue Up's detailed CRM allowed AWA to see real-time data on participants - "in those anxious months before a large-scale event, it was important for us to be able to see if our marketing campaigns were effectively reaching our soon-to-be attendees. In Hong Kong, where committing to events is so last minute, this gave us reassuring data" Roth adds.


While Glue Up's platform is not replacing the customized, embedded platform AWA uses at the moment, it was a necessary solution to the issue of scale for AWA. "In hindsight, we know now we could never have done the AWA WISE series of events how we are set up currently, and EB has certainly set the bar high for how we can manage events of this size and nature in the future. It was a crucial solution to a rapid-fire event program with multiple events, hundreds of attendees, all within a short amount of time", concluded Andrea.

About AWA

The American Women's Association of Hong Kong is an organization that supports and inspires international women in Hong Kong with over 700 members. Founded in 1956, AWA's mission is to welcome and empower women to connect and contribute to Hong Kong. AWA offers women opportunities to get involved meaningfully. Creates, hosts and supports charities and scholarships, and organizes hands-on volunteering in the community.

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