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2020 APAC Association Awards winners announced

Eric SchmidtCEO & Co-Founder

Eric Schmidt,

CEO & Co-Founder

Dec 03, 2020

Glue Up, the leading all-in-one engagement management software company, revealed the 4th annual APAC Association Awards winners.

The awards recognize and celebrate associations, leaders, and professionals who have exemplified the highest standards of excellence and achievement that have significantly changed the association industry.

"2020 has been a year of monumental change. COVID-19 has acted as a catalyst for remote working, digitization and technological advancements. Despite the challenges, many associations have stepped up and risen to challenges" says, Eric Schmidt, CEO and Co-Founder of Glue Up.

“You could see there was a very strong reliance on the industry. It was encouraging and inspiring to see all the things the association community was doing - it really highlights the power of leading through a crisis.”

Despite a year of many challenges, the future of the association community has never looked brighter.

Here are the winners of APAC Association Awards 2020:

Award Categories

Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA)


The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) supports not-for-profit community broadcasters in Australia to deliver news, music, and information to diverse communities. It uses communication as one of its powerful components to adapt and respond to changes even in turbulent times.

CBAA increased independent, local, and community news listeners during the COVID-19 pandemic. After securing a philanthropic partnership in March 2020, the sector’s National Radio News service became free for all current and new subscribers. For this reason, the audience growth for community-driven news reached 40%–from 1.39 to 1.9 million potential listeners every week.

It shifted from a physical to a virtual event when it conducted the 2020 CBAA Conference online for the first time. The program engaged with the audience and involved the community broadcasting sector. Compared to previous years, the engagement tripled and recorded more than 1,000 community broadcasters across Australiaf and New Zealand as participants.

Through a Facebook group, regular direct email and phone communications, and weekly webinars and resources delivered to all community broadcasters, everyone connected more deeply with anyone, felt supported, and stayed on-air.

CBAA also offered substantial financial support and free Community Radio Network programs for six months to its member stations. It experienced a 10% increase in subscriptions–with 52% of CBBA member stations subscribing to Community Radio Network.

“CBAA has quickly reacted to the global pandemic that benefited the community. As most people are stuck at home, it has found a way to create a healthy environment where broadcasting could thrive. It raised public, community, and social awareness of community broadcasting and proactively worked with influential stakeholders to strengthen their knowledge, understanding and support.“ Charlie P. Villasenior, Philippine Council of Associations and Association Executives

Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE)


The Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE) is the official professional organization of civil engineers in the Philippines that aims to support its members, uphold the profession’s reputation, and influence the future of nation-building.

PICE supported the government in its COVID-19 response efforts. It provided isolation and testing facilities, dormitory facilities for frontliners, disinfection tents, swabbing booths, distribution of PPEs, and food supplies.

Furthermore, it also helped CE student-reviewees who were stranded in Metro Manila during the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) and offered food supplies until such time that they were brought home to their provinces.

"PICE actively responded to requests for temporary isolation facilities and supported government efforts to mitigate the impacts of the pandemic." Jeffers Miruka, African Society of Association Executives

Planning Institute of Australia (PIA)


Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) is a game-changer in town planning and the planning profession itself–with 5300 members worldwide. It aims to strengthen communities and create a better future for all through education, communication, and professional development.

PIA provided relevant and up-to-date information, practical training, and more opportunities to its members to successfully pivot and thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic. It launched three valuable programs through technology integration, namely Planet, Coffee Catch-ups, and Industry News. These online initiatives are dedicated to facilitating training for members and creating a space to talk with like-minded colleagues while being a key source of planning information.

With governance as its strong focus in 2020, there has been an improvement in both offerings and financial management, which is evident in its increased number of event attendees and member retention.

“We noticed that the PIA’s growth through activities that focused on education, communication, and professional development have increased significantly over the years. Its mission and vision have contributed to its member acquisition, retention, and engagement growth. Moreover, it continues to serve and guide thousands of professionals to create better communities.“ Charlie P. Villasenior, Philippine Council of Associations and Association Executives

International Coach Federation (Singapore Chapter)


The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the largest non-profit professional association worldwide for personal and business coaches. With more than 9,000 members and over 145 chapters from 70 countries, it’s dedicated to uphold the integrity of coaching worldwide.

It recently held a 5-day virtual conference with the theme “Singapore's largest and most prominent annual conference for Coaches and Coaching Practitioners” and featured the most sought-after international speakers.

With robust event marketing strategies and ideas, ICW Singapore quickly adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic and smoothly transitioned to a virtual conference in a short period. Many viewed its first online event a success with 17 events launched, 3022 session attendees from over 25 countries, 35 speakers from seven countries, nine sponsors, and 32% engagement from active members.

The next online events resulted in more non-association members, both local and regional, tuning into events and actively engaging. And since community members and business owners required more support, events paved the way for smaller group networking or sharing.

“ICF displayed excellence in 2020 based on its sudden increase in member acquisition and engagement, its ability to maintain old members, as well as its yearly growth. It was able to overcome challenges and impact the community through their members and professionals who could practice their profession through their organization.“ Charlie P. Villasenior, Philippine Council of Associations and Association Executives

Optometry Australia


Established in 1918, Optometry Australia represents more than 4,000 active members. It’s a federated, not-for-profit organization that ensures a sustainable primary eye care system for all.

As it faced significant disruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 90% of optometry practices closed or shifted to telehealth services only. Optometry Australia responded quickly to this crisis by establishing a Crisis Leadership Group in March 2020. It included Australian and New Zealand executives from peak optometry bodies to guide the profession through the pandemic.

To help members that could be financially hurting, it also offered 50% off 2020 and 2021 membership fees.

"We commend Optometry Australia for its commitment to its members and profession during 2020." Toni Brearley, Australian Society of Association Executives

Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA)


The Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA) is the national body of the automobile retail industry that handles the sale, service and spares of different vehicle types in India.

The Indian automotive industry experienced a sharp drop due to the COVID-19 pandemic and nationwide lockdown. FADA went to the Supreme Court of India and fought for auto dealer rights. It appealed to register all purchased vehicles and stop the deadline for selling them. This move prevented a dramatic disruption in automotive showrooms and saved the dealers from closing.

FADA now offers a lifetime membership designed to help members save a little. It also launched FADA Academy to train aspiring dealers who want to get into the automotive dealership business. The online website includes dealership staff training on digital tools and methods meant to enhance digital presence and increase digital leads that can convert into sales.

“FADA has achieved amazing results in the auto industry and membership progression. The organization has served as the voice of Indian automotive retail for over 50 years. It has employed 5 million employees, from direct and indirect employment, without displacing them from their homes. Despite the challenges faced, it has managed to build a cohesive, inclusive, and syndicated body." Charlie P. Villasenior, Philippine Council of Associations and Association Executives

Gordon Williams, Executive, Northern Midlands Business Association


Gordon Williams has transformed the association from a small group of paid members to represent more than 600 diverse businesses across Tasmania’s Northern Midlands region in Australia.

Gordon proposed the universal membership model wherein all businesses are represented with free or paid membership levels to engage the entire business community.

He played a big part in the association’s conceptualization and completion, which is considered the “Best Association in the State” by the Minister in Parliament, and with him as the best Executive Officer.

When the region experienced an economic downturn due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Gordon continued existing programs while developing communications, consulting services, safety plans, and recovery strategies. His initiatives produced measurable outcomes that saved local businesses and fostered their reopening, which have inspired other organizations across the state.

With a clear strategic vision, he transformed the organization to be of relevance and influence. Today, the entire business community and all government levels across the state of Tasmania place a high value on it.

Gordon is a proud member of the Tasmanian Chamber Alliance Executive and Ministerial Round Table on State Growth. He is also the winner of the highly coveted International Command Performances in Communication Award.

"An astute group of association leaders who successfully guided both their associations and their sectors in an extraordinary year." Toni Brearley, Australian Society of Association Executives

Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA)


The Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) is the Philippines’ national professional accountancy body that is duly recognized and accredited by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

The accredited professional organization (APO) of CPAs quickly adapted to the pandemic’s unprecedented disruption when it shifted its CPD platform from the traditional face-to-face seminars to online webinars. With no formula for creating effective live online conferences, it successfully conducted 100 free webinars for 50,000 participants from April until June 2020. The impressive record-high attendance is more than a year’s worth when compared to the previous one.

Another event noteworthy to mention is its first-ever National Election online. PICPA spearheaded a digital transformation framework with ease when physical elections weren’t an option. The smooth shift to online voting gained a greater appreciation from the newly-inducted officers and active members, together with the National Board and other officials who are now serving the organization.

“PICPA quickly adapted to change and prioritized digital transformation to meet its members’ growing needs during the COVID-19 pandemic." Eric Schmidt, Glue Up

36th World Veterinary Association Congress, New Zealand Veterinary Association


The 36th World Veterinary Association Congress was initially set to take place in Auckland, New Zealand from the April 6-8, 2020 but unfortunately due to COVID-19 restrictions, NZVA were forced to cancel the congress three weeks before, after four years of planning, out of adversity, however, came innovation.

The New Zealand Veterinary Association partnered with The Webinar Vet and launched the 36th World Veterinary Association Congress to deliver it online for the first time. It featured live and recorded lectures from over 80 expert speakers from different regions with at least 7,000 delegates from more than 100 countries.

The 2020 Congress, which contains over 100 hours of recorded lectures, could be accessed by delegates at their own convenience on any device. Free CPD sessions are open to the community: Global One Health Summit, Global Seminar on Animal Welfare, and COVID-19 Live Panel Session

“NZVA’s inspirational and motivational speakers were critical to its event success. The aftermath left a positive impact and memorable impression on its members due to the event marketing strategies and execution." Charlie P. Villasenior, Philippines Council of Associations and Association Executives

Women Entrepreneurship Development, Pushp-kiran Union for Real Enlightenment (PURE)


Pushp-kiran Union for Real Enlightenment (PURE) has empowered rural women through the Entrepreneurship Development program by providing livelihood in Jaipur, Karauli, Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Guwahati, and Satara.

At least 60 women entrepreneurs from different villages have earned a net profit of Rs. 15.5 lakh from 2019 to the present. What’s more, it gathered around 8000 people to participate in medical camps, access financial literacy, and get into other related workshops to promote women entrepreneurs’ businesses.

With vast experience in humanitarian efforts, PURE responded to the community by quickly addressing health, safety, and food security during the COVID-19 pandemic. More than a hundred volunteers distributed grocery kits to families and donated face shields to hospitals, thousands of women earned from face mask sewing, and even produced a virtual folk music concert to support rural artists.

"With PURE’s effective disaster management strategies, it was able to transform vulnerable communities into resilient ones." Jeffers Miruka, African Society of Association Executives

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2020 APAC Associations Awards!

The team at Glue Up will be working with the winners on new ways to celebrate and share their successes with their members, colleagues and communities.

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