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2019 APAC Association Awards Winners Revealed

Danica MendozaGlobal Event Marketing Manager

Danica Mendoza,

Global Event Marketing Manager

Dec 05, 2019

After a fantastic round of nominations, Glue Up is proud to announce the winners for the 3rd annual APAC Association Awards.

The APAC Association Awards is the biggest annual awards event of its kind, celebrating excellence in the association community around Asia Pacific, recognizing professionals, teams and association initiatives for their outstanding achievements and best practices.

Supported by MCI Global for the second consecutive year, the awards have been another year of raising the bar, rising to challenges, making significant contributions to the improvement of communities and altogether making this an industry to be proud of.

“We are pleased with how the awards have been embraced by the association community and extremely proud that we are able to host an award of this nature” says Eric L. Schmidt, CEO and Co-Founder of Glue Up. “The caliber of entries has been extraordinary. We are very much looking forward to meet and recognize some of Asia Pacific’s leading associations and executives”.

Award Categories

Hong Kong Federation of Women's Centres Limited


Hong Kong Federation of Women’s Centres, founded in 1981, was the first women-oriented helpline in Hong Kong. For many years, women’s helpline helped a lot of women in need, those who suffered from domestic abuse, mental health, unemployment, parenting, legal issue and many more. The helpline was answered by coached women counsellors, among them also those who shared similar experiences on marriage issues. With the development and social change, the organization is running initiatives on how their services can be integrated with counselling and legal support service to women, including the establishment of the first free legal advice service that is so precious to women in Hong Kong. On average, Hong Kong Federation of Women’s Centres has more than 4,500 calls to women’s helpline, more than 50 voluntary lawyers to provide the free legal advice for more than 250 women-in-need every year.

“The organization continues to make an impressive achievement for a cause that remains important. It seeks pro-active change through its campaigns and appears to have a substantial reach in society.“ Marcel Ewals, MCI Group

Northern Midlands Business Association


The Northern Midlands Business Association is a not-for-profit incorporated association that helps in identifying and enhancing economic development opportunities in Tasmania's Northern Midlands. Completing the transformation from a small, local association of paid members, to provision of online member benefits that allow all 1,000+ businesses across the Northern Midlands of Tasmania to be active free members, plus the option to take up a range of benefits with paid membership. This transformation has now made the Northern Midlands Business Association by far the largest regional chamber of commerce/business association in Tasmania, and one of the largest in Australia.

“A great example of a small association taking an innovative approach to its membership with members in mind.“ Toni Brearley, Australian Society of Association Executives

Indian Welding Society


Indian Welding Society is a professional body devoted to welding in India. The organization is continuing its focus on empowering the youths in the north eastern part of the country. The Northern Zone of the society, through the Guwahati Centre, conducted a short-term certificate course in welding technology. The society has successfully conducted two international events in the southern and western part of the vast country in 2018 via a 3-day International Symposium On Joining Of Materials (SOJOM 2018) at Tiruchirappalli and a 3-day International Welding Symposium (IWS 2k18) at Mumbai. Each event attracted more than 200 delegates from India and the world.

“Continuing focus on empowering the youth with vital and self-serving skills and the growth rate equally realistic and achievable.“ Jeffers Miruka, African Society of Association Executives

Philippine Association of Service Exporters, Inc. (PASEI)


PASEI is the single largest land-based industry association in the overseas employment industry. They have 300 active members all licensed by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) through the POEA to recruit and deploy Filipino workers abroad. PASEI is an industry PDOS provider. PASEI advocates for ethical recruitment. It represents the industry in various government forum, Congress, senate, etc. and is the only association that represents the overseas employment sector in Geneva. PASEI is also recognized by the ILO and the IOM and other United Nations organizations that deals with overseas employment.

“Working towards equipping a skillset to their members who in turn get opportunities abroad is an appropriate focus of any association.“ Jeffers Miruka, African Society of Association Executives

Rohit Dadwal, Mobile Marketing Association (Asia Pacific)


Rohit is a thought leader who writes regularly on mobile and mobile marketing related matters and has spoken at over 250 industry events and conferences across global markets. He has also been involved in judging various marketing awards across Asian markets, including The Drum Digital Advertising Awards and The Festival of Media Asia Awards. Rohit has extensive expertise in the economics of mobile, direct and digital marketing, consumer privacy and the government regulation of markets. A highly visible industry advocate with over 17 years of experience in the internet, digital and mobile spheres, Rohit has been instrumental in the Mobile Marketing Association’s growth in the region, forging relationships with industry leaders and key stakeholders, and positioning MMA as the authoritative global voice in the mobile marketing and advertising industry.

“Rohit is a clear thought-leader and driver in the industry that recognizes the needs that an Association needs to fulfill and does so excellently. I commend his ability to steer corporate needs into an industry agenda.“ Marcel Ewals, MCI Group

Evelyn B. Salire, Philippine Retailers Association


Evelyn is a Trustee at the Philippine Council of Associations and Association Executives (PCAAE) and Executive Director of the Federation of Asia Pacific Retailers Associations (FAPRA) representing Council Member. She won the Woman Leadership Award for Philippines (World Women Leadership Congress and Awards) in 2019 and is also the 2017 winner of this category. She continuously creates new programs for members that will add more value to their membership; she regularly meets with various local and foreign organizations to generate more publicity, reach and promotion for PRA , e.g. supporting high impact events both local and international; bringing PRA speakers to be part of international retail events to generate international publicity and recognition for PRA.

“A very impressive Association Executive whose long term tenure and commitment to the association and the sector she represents should be commended.“ Toni Brearley, Australian Society of Association Executives

Mobile Marketing Association (Asia Pacific)


MMA’s mission is to accelerate the transformation and innovation of marketing through mobile, driving business growth with closer and stronger consumer engagement. By enlightening, empowering and enabling marketers, the MMA has been shaping future success, while propelling business growth today.

MMA runs three key think tanks to address crucial aspects of modern marketing (1) Marketing Attribution Think Tank (MATT) – MATT is a community of marketing industry leaders, including marketers, attribution experts, academics, and other thought-leaders in the marketing ecosystem, charged with rethinking the world of marketing attribution and providing better measurements, tools, and confidence within the industry, in connecting marketing to business outcomes; (2) MMA SMARTIES – The SMARTIES are the world’s only global mobile marketing awards program honoring innovation, creativity and success. In addition to the regional Asia Pacific SMARTIES Awards, MMA holds dedicated SMARTIES awards in India, Indonesia and Vietnam. With the evolution of the mobile landscape, MMA has incorporated new categories covering emerging technologies such as Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality and the Internet of Things. The 2019 Asia Pacific SMARTIES have received over 360 entries from across 14 markets; (3) Ad Fraud Roadshow – Ad fraud is one of the biggest marketing issues brands face these days. To help marketers combat ad fraud, the MMA organized Ad Fraud roadshows in India (Bangalore, Mumbai and New Delhi) and Indonesia (Jakarta), with the aim of uniting key stakeholders of the industry (advertisers, publishers, agencies) to educate the audience and talk about a common method to eradicate ad fraud or lessen the impact it has on all parties.

“Use of technology in association management and advocacy promotion is an inevitable need for each association’s operational efficiency that MMA is example of.“ Bobby Peralta, Philippine Council of Associations And Association Executives

Singapore Veterinary Association


The Singapore Veterinary Association (SVA) is Singapore's only veterinary-related association for the veterinary profession. The SVA's Executive Committee is made up entirely of volunteers with no part-time and full-time staff. By leveraging on technology and strategic partnerships, the current Executive Committee has managed to increase the SVA membership rates to a record high in the past year (33%). This is an indication of the amount of value created for members. This achievement is impressive for an Executive Committee run entirely on volunteers. Being in the medical profession, veterinarians are required to attain Continuing Professional Education to keep abreast of recent developments and practices. However, there is a lack of veterinary academia in Singapore and the market size is relatively small. Practicing veterinarians also have inflexible schedules. To ensure access to high quality education by all members, the SVA is doing a big push to collaborate with high-quality and reputable organizations and individuals to come up with a wide range of Continuing Professional Education programs and materials and bringing them to Singapore, physically and online. This is unlikely to happen naturally without SVA spearheading these efforts.

“The Singapore Veterinary Association is a prime example of how to make the most effective use of limited resources. Despite the limited resources and no employees, they have achieved to build a highly functional and engaged scientific community.“ Eric Schmidt, Glue Up

Asia Pacific Tree Climbing Championship 2019 by the New Zealand Arboricultural Association


It had been seven years since the Asia Pacific Tree Climbing Championship (APTCC) had been held in New Zealand, and the feeling across the New Zealand climbing community and from NZ Arboricultural was that they all wanted to make APTCC Christchurch 2019 an event to remember for those participating and for the community hosting it. Over the course of the last 12 months preceding the event many hours of toil where been invested by many people to turn that vision into that event. A successful international level sporting event like APTCC couldn’t just run on enthusiasm and volunteer hours alone however, and the investment and partnership secured from the commercial sponsors helped turn that vision into reality and create an event that the arboriculture industry in New Zealand was proud to share with wider international arboriculture community and with the people of Christchurch.

While the event was essentially an international level sporting event for the top-level tree climbers, the opportunity also helped to get the community of Christchurch involved in the event and leave behind, not only memories of an exhilarating sporting event in Christchurch’s iconic Botanic Gardens, but a legacy of increased appreciation of the importance of Christchurch’s tree assets and their benefits to the communities they serve.

“The event's success is gauged not only on the attendee size but more on the advocacy it promotes.” Bobby Peralta, Philippine Council of Associations And Association Executives “Revitalizing an event itself is an achievement and recognition must be given just for that. I also recognize the niche activity the event is developing and also the importance of promoting outdoor activities in general.“ Marcel Ewals, MCI Group

Bayanihang Arkitektura by the United Architects of the Philippines


The Bayanihang Arkitektura is one of the programs of the UAP which aim to improve the lives of the community through architecture planning and promoting sustainable design solutions that can provide significant positive impact on the underprivileged communities. Mindful of giving back to the community, UAP strives to be a catalyst for positive change, and support communities to lead healthier, longer, better lives through a broad range of activities under the Bayanihang Arkitektura program.

The Bayanihang Arkitektura program is designed to address many of the common challenges communities face by producing long-term sustainability plans that are realistic and reflect each community’s unique context. Key features of the program approach include the following: water and sanitation, architectural clinic, rehabilitation of public schools, community development and emergency architects.

The Bayanihang Arkitektura was designed as a long-term effort of the UAP to develop diverse initiatives to promote architect’s social responsibility in improving well-being of communities, as UAP recognizes that the social, economic and environmental responsibilities are integral to existence.

“The mobilization of volunteers by this organisation is impressive. Nor only does their service aims on infrastructure for the poor but also disaster relief and mitigation.“ Marcel Ewals, MCI Group

Highly Commended: Safe Child Sri Lanka Campaign by Sri Lanka Paediatric Association


The Safe Child Sri Lanka was launched in January 2019. The main purpose of the programme was to reduce morbidity and mortality of childhood accidental injuries which amounted to 12,000 hospital admissions per year.

The project built a partnership between various stakeholders including the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and community leaders and launched a nationwide awareness programme through television, radio and social media (Campaign- Safe Child Srilanka). Analysis of the Facebook data has suggested that this campaign has reached the public as expected and was praised by the viewers with encouraging comments.

“A very impressive example of an association creating impact in the community and working collaboratively with stakeholders to improve outcomes for children.“ Toni Brearley, Australian Society of Association Executives

A Big Thank You To All

We want to thank all participants, judges, partners and supporters who have participated in 2019 APAC Associations Awards and made it such a success. We are already working hard on the 2020 edition, so stay tuned for more information!

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